If you want to make sewing activity become easy, fast and immaculately, Brother CS6000i is the answer.  It is easy to use, have some flexibility and completely featured. This machine is a free arm sewing machine. For your info, Brother’s vast line-up has a dream machine for everyone.

This light weight computerized sewing machine is heavy on the features that you are looking for, versatile built-in function and user-friendly machine design. The Brother CS6000i has 60 built in stitches including, utility, decorative, heirloom, quilting and 7 styles of one step auto-sizing button holes.

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Brother CS6000i Overview 

The Brother CS6000i is a lightweight machine, which makes it convenient for beginners to move when taking a class. They are not complicated and are easy to figure out how to do certain tasks. There will be no problem using this product, you will face no headache for the sewing quality and the price.

Brother CS6000i Main 2LCD Screen
The easy-to-use LCD Panel allows for simple stitch selection and settings using the + and – buttons. It provides guidance as to which presser foot to use with each available stitch in clear large font and also allows you to adjust the stitch length and width.

Easy to Use and Fully Featured

The fact that you can do 60 different stitches with a push button sewing operation is a amazing.  It’s just a great value. Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine is so easy to operate with the 1-touch button for start, stop and reverse sewing. Even the speed  (slow, medium, and fast)  of sewing is adjustable through a sliding button. However, if you are accustomed to using a pedal control, you are free to use that, as well.

Stitch wider and also length can be changed nearly to 7 mm for several stitches. You can choose the desired pattern simply by pushing a plus and minus buttons within the LCD screen untill your desired stitch number appears in the screen. All the number of stitches and their respective stitch amounts are printed on the machine front this means you won’t really have to page thru your manual each time you need to change from one pattern to another one.

Brother CS6000i StyleQuick-Set, Drop-In Bobbin and Thread Cutter
The Brother CS6000i  drop in bobbin exemplifies ease of use. Simply insert the bobbin into the top load drop in bobbin case, follow the easy to use thread guide and replace the bobbin cover. The manual thread cutter eliminates the need for scissors and there is no need to bring up the bobbin thread before sewing. Simply insert the bobbin and pull the thread to the side and you’re ready to sew.

Whether you sew for crafting, garment construction, home decoration, or quilting; this machine has it all for you at an affordable price! Brother CS6000i also includes a plastic fitted wide table to support your larger projects such as quilts.

  • 60 Built-in Stitches
  • Easy Needle Threadin
  • Quick-Set TM Bobbin
  • 1-Step Buttonhole with 7 Styles
  • LCD Panel with computerized stitch selection

This Brother CS6000i represents the most incredible value-for-money on the market today. If you have been hankering for the convenience of fully computerized sewing, automatic needle threading, push-button sewing, and lots of fun stitches, don’t hesitate. I highly recommend this machine.

Brother CS6000i Review

Take a Look for Brother CS6000i review by the real customer

By Y. M. Cheng (Cincinnati, OH) – WORKS NICELY, EVEN WITH JEANS

I was looking for a basic sewing machine, and was comparing a few different brands and models. After I red most of the reviews, I had a mixed feeling about this sewing machine because of some of the poor reviews. I couldn’t place the order, but my husband had a couple pairs of pants that needed to be fixed. Considering that the price is roughly equal to four, five pairs of his pants, I decided to purchase it. The machine arrived two days after my order and the packaging was fine.

Both my husband and I are truly beginners and have used the machine to fix three pairs of pants, one jacket, and even one pair of jeans. I was really concerned to use the machine on the jeans since some reviews said that the machine did not work well with thick materials. But I needed to alter the length of the jeans, so I tried. At first, it did not work right. I bent one needle. Then we read the manual and it suggests a size 14 or 16 needle (the one bent was size 11). After I switched the needle and went slowly through the seams, I did not have any problem sewing the jeans.

I am very happy with how the machine works. It is very easy to use. And as some previous reviewers said, it is always a good idea to read through the manual. The machine is very compact and does not occupy much space. I do not have any problem using the foot pedal to adjust speed from slow to middle to fast. My husband, an engineer, was impressed by how smoothly the machine works and all the auto winding and threading functions. Now, I am even thinking of learning how to quilt.

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